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Offshore classification publications - July 2014


Offshore classification has published updated service documents.

The updated service documents are:

  • DNV-OSS-101 Rules for classification of drilling and support units
  • DNV-OSS-102 Rules for classification of floating production and storage units
  • DNV-OSS-104 Rules for Rules for Classification of Self-Elevating Units
  • DNV-OS-C103, C104 and C201 and OSS-104 Redefinition of structural categorisation
  • DNV-OS-A101, -D202 and -D301 Rules for classification of floating storage units
  • DNV-OS-C301 Stability and watertight integrity
  • DNV-OS-C series - Decimal numbering and including of chapters

Main focus areas for this update were:

  • Further completion of the in Operation survey requirements, specifically with focus on the increased number of ageing units
  • A complete update of the in Operation survey requirements for Oil Production and Storage units including the production system as can be found on these vessels
  • Specific description on design requirements for Floating Storage Units design requirements (before these were included in the requirements for FPSO)

In addition, the stability standard was further completed including last year’s introduced Enhanced class ‘interpretation’ format to this standard as well.

Conclusively, the structural design standards from the OS-C series were brought in line with the remaining standards by a decimal numbering and restructuring of chapters.

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