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Energy Management Study 2014

Maritime Advisory recently published a new Energy Management Study that reveals potential.

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“High savings potential is still waiting to be unlocked,” is Julia Kühnbaum’s conclusion from the recent Energy Management Study she prepared with her team from Shipping Advisory. A year after SEEMPs became mandatory for the shipping industry, the study aimed at understanding in detail how the shipping industry has handled the need to increase energy efficiency in a challenging market environment amid tight budgets.

Numerous ship managers, owners and operators running more than 2,000 vessels burning around 25 billion US dollars worth of fuel per year participated in the study. While leading players have reaped energy savings of 10 per cent and more through operational and managerial measures (in addition to slow steaming), and in some cases better charter rates and fleet utilisation, the majority of respondents achieved as little as 1–3 %.

Results indicate that these companies focused on SEEMP compliance rather than establishing efficiency throughout their organisations. “There is a lot to learn from industry best practices,” concludes Kühnbaum.

To get the study in PDF format please send a mail to Julia Kühnbaum.

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