CIC – Focusing on Stability in General – Questionnaire now published

The CIC on Stability in General by the Paris and Tokyo MoUs will start on 1 September. The Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar MoUs will join this initiative, whereby the Caribbean MoU, US Coast Guard and AMSA have their own CIC or local inspection campaigns.

PSC back to normal - update on concentrated inspection campaigns

Relevant for ship owners and managers.

This PSC news is a follow-up of our PSC news from June 2021.

1. Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU CIC on Stability in General

With the joint press release dated 23 July 2021, the Paris and Tokyo MOUs published the questionnaire for this year’s CIC (see page 2 of this news as pdf). As far as we know, the Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar MoUs will perform this CIC as well. The questionnaire contains eight aspects to confirm that the ship’s crew are familiar with the actual stability condition before departure, to create awareness of the importance of calculating the actual stability condition and to verify that the ship complies with intact stability requirements.

The CIC will be included in the routine PSC inspections in the period from September to November 2021. The attending Port State Control Officer (PSCO) will assess if the master and responsible officers are well trained and familiarized with the systems provided on board.

Any deficiencies found during the CIC will be reported in the PSC inspection report with the related PSC Code. Finally, stability related deficiencies might be connected with the Safety Management System (SMS) and can trigger an ISM-related deficiency, especially if there are numerous or reoccurring deficiencies.

DNV offers a complimentary online training, a “smart-up” webinar, for our customers on 17 August. Registration is available for two sessions:

2. Caribbean MoU CIC on Ballast Water Management

The Caribbean MoU plans to conduct a CIC on Ballast Water Management, but until now no details or dates have been published. For questions on Ballast Water Management, please review DNV’s webpage.

3. US Coast Guard CIC on implementation of emergency procedures and cyber risks

The USCG is currently running a CIC limited to US-flagged vessels. The CIC is based on the USCG guidance on emergency preparedness, which can be found in Marine Safety Information Bulletin MSIB-16-20. A non-exhaustive list of 21 emergency scenarios is issued in CVC-WI-004(2): U.S. Flag Interpretations on the ISM Code.

4. Focused Inspection Campaign (FIC) by AMSA on Safety of Navigation from 31 August to 30 Sep 2021

In addition, to the CIC on Stability in General, AMSA runs a Focused Inspection Campaign (FIC) on Safety of Navigation. According to AMSA, the purpose of the FIC is to determine the level of compliance with convention requirements on board and the familiarity of the master and officer with its processes to ensure this.

The inspection will be carried out in conjunction with normal PSC inspection, and deficiencies will be recorded in the regional PSC database. Further information is available on the AMSA webpage, including a checklist (see page 2 of this news as pdf).


  • Check if all required stability systems are installed, available and approved, where required.
  • Check if actual stability calculations for current voyage are carried out and documented as required.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of familiarization for the master and officers in charge.
  • Familiarize the crew with the additional checklist (see page 2 in pdf version).
  • Consider joining the DNV training session on 17 August.



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21 January 2022

IMO Sub-Committee on ship design and construction (SDC 8)

The 8th session of the IMO’s Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction (SDC) was held remotely from 17 to 21 January. Triggered by the expansion of offshore renewable projects and the demand for ships transporting and accommodating personnel offshore, SDC 8 finalized a draft new SOLAS Chapter XV and a related mandatory draft new IP Code to ensure the safe carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel on cargo ships and highspeed cargo craft.

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29 November 2021

IMO update: Marine Environment Protection Committee – MEPC 77

The 77th session of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC 77) was held remotely from 22 to 26 November 2021. Highlights include recognition of the need to strengthen the ambitions in the IMO GHG Strategy, adoption of a resolution urging for the use of distillates or other cleaner fuels or technologies to reduce emission of black carbon in or near the Arctic, and revised guidelines on exhaust gas cleaning systems.

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Anchor losses are on a negative trend – How to improve

There has been a negative trend in the loss of anchors and chains in recent years. The safety, environmental and financial consequences can be severe, and port authorities may hold a vessel responsible for all costs caused by a lost anchor for an unlimited period of time. This technical news focuses on operational challenges, current rules and practices, awareness, lesson learned, and recommendations related to anchor equipment damages/losses.

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