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Cascade improves performance and deployment, boosts remote efficiency

Cascade Viewer - Electric utility asset management software viewer from DNV GL

Working remotely for electric utilities is quickly becoming more efficient, while maintaining security of electric grid asset information. The latest release of Cascade delivers several improvements and the option of cloud technologies to streamline how remote workers securely access the data they need.

Desktop App or web-based access

The latest release of DNV’s Cascade solution for asset performance management is deployable either on-premise or through the web, enabling a flexible, secure and streamlined implementation for electric utilities of any size.

“Our customers are becoming more and more dependent on accurate, transparent and secure access to asset maintenance, testing and inspection information to do their work,” says Dennis Washburn, DNV Product Manager for Cascade. “The delivery of Cascade with its performance and UX improvements, and streamlined deployment option demonstrate our continued focus on meeting the needs of today’s utility asset management professionals and commitment to a cloud-based future.”

Utilities rely on Cascade data, analysis and decision support to set and follow through on asset performance management (APM) goals, including risk management, predictive maintenance and other activities to optimize asset life. Cascade helps structure and manage utility data in a simple and effective way, making it easier to access and interpret for all stakeholders. It improves data quality, enabling more confident maintenance decisions and reduced risk of failure.

Extending the utility team with deep experience and trust 

With the new release, the power of Cascade can be leveraged by utilities large and small, regardless of their APM maturity level. “We’re excited about this release, and the improvements it delivers for our customers,” says Washburn. "In addition to the Cascade 3.80 improvements, our solution experts, with decades of domain experience, can in effect become part of the customer’s extended team, helping utilities increase asset reliability, reduce costs, and improve compliance audit readiness,” he says.

The 3.80 release of Cascade is available to utilities running Cascade as a support and maintenance release. New customers can access Cascade through a browser using cloud technologies or through local installation of the software to desktop, mobile pcs, according to their business needs.

About Cascade

Cascade, from DNV, is the industry-leading enterprise system explicitly designed to help electric utilities manage their most critical assets.

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