Alternative Shipboard Internal Audits in the times of COVID-19 – Coping with an unprecedented situation

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There comes a moment when work routines need to adapt fast to new methods and restrictions caused by Covid-19.

There is no doubt that the disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic have affected many aspects of ship management and operations. The physical attendance of vessels for routine inspections, training, or internal audits are being affected by travel restrictions and from the actual risk of exposure and transmission of the virus. Many times, the risk is too high, or simply traveling anywhere is next to impossible.

What happens when a visit onboard the vessel is not an option or when the risk is too high to go onboard?

Internal audits are instituted as a management control for the assessment of the actual implementation of the Management System and the identification of improvement opportunities.

A shipping company must comply with many requirements, such as ISM, ISPS, ISO, TMSA, etc., while ensuring at the same time that internal audits are effective.

What are the alternatives to keep the system rolling in times of COVID-19?

DNV GL’s Maritime Academy Hellas, in its efforts to support the maritime community with training on how to adapt to new methods and maintain the daily routine tasks flow, recently developed a new course “Alternative Shipboard Internal Audits in the times of COVID-19”. 

The course trainer, Evangelos Marangakis, explains that “This course examines the requirements and function of auditing within a structured management system and explores alternatives within today‘s challenges. The goal is to provide participants with a road map on how to optimize planning or execution of an audit, taking into account the unique conditions on each vessel, for every company, considering as such the prevailing risks, and new opportunities“

Thanking our clients for their confidence and trust in our products and services all these years, this new course has proved very popular and has been delivered eight times with great success since May. The upcoming course dates are now open to participants outside Greece and will be conducted in English as virtual classroom training.


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