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Emerging alternative ship fuels – focus on methanol and biofuels

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DNV follows the various fuel options with a regulatory, technical and operational perspective, and in this webinar we give an update on some of the most interesting fuel options. 

Biofuels are often referred to as a promising opportunity – pending availability – while for methanol as fuel we have recently observed a rapid increase in interest. 

This webinar zooms in on some of these fuel options, biofuel and methanol in particular.

To help you stay on top of future regulations, this webinar covers:

  • Alternative fuels uptake: Current status, LNG, LPG and Ammonia
  • Bio-fuels – a real option?
  • Methanol –  The interest is increasing fast: why?
  • Questions and answers

The presenters are Christos Chryssakis, Business development manager; Øyvind Sekkesæter; Consultant, Maritime Environmental Technology; and Øyvind Skåra, Principal Engineer, Ship Type Expert OSV, Alternative fuels & Piping systems – all from DNV.

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