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CII – Carbon Intensity Indicator

The CII measures how efficiently a ship transports goods or passengers and is given in grams of CO2 emitted per cargo-carrying capacity and nautical mile

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Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

The EEXI is to be verified and a new Energy Efficiency Certificate issued no later than the first annual IAPP survey on or after 1 January 2023

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Digitalization in maritime industry

At DNV you benefit from many digitalized services such as DATE, electronic certificates, smart survey bookings and sophisticated cyber security solutions

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What did we learn about CII and SEEMP+ at MEPC 76?

Podcast | The IMO's environmental committee MEPC is intensely engaged in establishing a viable pathway to the decarbonization of shipping. In this episode, host Eirik Nyhus explains what SEEMP+ and CII mean for the maritime sector and how businesses need to take action for compliance.

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Taking a closer look at EEXI after MEPC 76

Podcast | This episode looks at the details of the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) discussed at the MEPC 76 and what is means for the industry

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Navigating shipping's latest environmental regulations

Podcast | Host Eirik Nyhus discusses the policy landscape, why these changes are taking place, and the additional pressures that shipping businesses are facing as the industry moves towards a decarbonized future.

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