Our maritime stamps and marks

Signs of authenticity

Our stamps and certification marks ensure the correctness of your documents and are a reputable sign of quality for authorities and customers.

Stamps and marks

Our seal stamp used on certificates

Valid certificates from DNV contain our seal.

seal stamp

Our approval stamps

Approval stamps are used on documentation sent by customers to DNV for us to handle. This can be done digitally or physically. They consist of our seal together with some additional information and are mainly used in connection with our classification services.

Approval stamp

Our certification marks

Our certification mark is used to build trust and confidence toward our customers’ stakeholders. Our customers use them on products, marketing collateral, websites, buildings, vehicles, business cards and other material, to provide proof of their certification while also demonstrating their commitment to continual improvement.

Certification mark

Our hard/steel stamps

Hard or steel stamps are used for marking products in connection with classification and product certification.

Hard/steel stamps

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