ERS™ brochures and publications 

In this section you can find all ERS™ brochures, guides, and articles as well as references to ERS™ publications and relevant books.

ERS™ brochure

Learn more about ERS™ by downloading our PDF brochure

ERS™ - Container ships

Learn more about ERS™ for containerships in this PDF

ERS™ - Cruise and passenger ships

What does ERS™ mean for cruise and passenger ships? Download our PDF guide to learn more.

ERS™ - Offshore units

Learn how DNV ERS™ offshore can help you in our PDF

ERS™ Guide to customers

Drift prediction flyer

Learn more about how the drift prediction capabilities enhance emergency response routines of shipping companies.

Awareness and mitigation of isolated vapour pockets on LNG and LPG Carriers

Learn more about how DNV's ERS™ services offer support.

Norwegian Hull Club

Learn more about the large insurance company. Published 12 March 2021

DNV salvage support for the “Modern Express”

A case study of how DNV's ERS worked on "Modern Express"

Casualty management guidelines ISBN 978 906915 39 1

Please see chapter 11 paragraph 111 “The Role of the Classification Societies”

Bulk Cargo Liquefaction

Download our guideline for the design and operation of vessels with bulk cargo that may liquefy.

A guide to bulk carrier operations ISBN 978 1 906915 77 3

Please see section 3 page 97 “The Perils of bulk cargo liquefaction”

DNV Forum

Learn more about our participation in the event from 3 December 2015 - find the story on pages 8 to 11

DNV Container Ship Update

Published April 2008 from page 10

DNV Forum – No.2 2010

Check out the article “Masters of Calm” from page 38 to 41 featuring Joe Corcoran of Wallem.