LNG as ship fuel

A focus on the current and future use of LNG as fuel in shipping

The fleet of LNG-fuelled vessels plying the world’s oceans comprises passenger ferries, offshore service vessels, coastguard vessels, tankers and many other types. Even a DNV-classed high-speed catamaran with LNG-powered gas turbine is in operation. New orders have been placed for RoRo vessels, multi-purpose freighters, container ships and tugs as well as passenger ferries, offshore service vessels and cruise ships.

UASC: The new reference for LNG propulsion

A multi-partner, multi-year project culminated with the delivery of the MV “Sajir” the first ever “LNG Ready” mega boxship. The vessel, the first in a series of 17 DNV classed large containerships incorporates innovations in ship design, propulsion technology, energy management and container stowage. As part of UASC’s vision of being an environmentally focused ship owner, MV Sajir and the other vessels are designed to be ‘LNG ready’ and were the first ships receiving the DNV Gas Ready class notation, meaning that they are prepared from the design stages for easy retrofitting to LNG fuelled operation.


Al Murabba UASC

Applying a membrane tank concept for large container ships

LNG propulsion technology is making major strides, and large gas-fuelled container ships are the next topic being addressed by the shipbuilding industry. To assess the feasibility of LNG as fuel for these ships, Hanjin, GTT and DNV are working together to jointly investigate and develop a concept for a large gas-fuelled container vessel. As the study shows, proven fuel tank concepts and market-ready technologies can be adapted for the long-range LNG operation of container vessels. It demonstrates that efficient concepts for large ships are feasible and available to meet the needs of tomorrow’s maritime industry.


LNG fuel tank

LNG as fuel highlight projects

In 2000, the first LNG-fuelled ferry based on DNV standards was launched. This ferry has been operating safely and successfully ever since. Over the last decades we have undertaken extensive research on LNG as a fuel and have implemented an unmatched number of vessel projects with industry partners. They range from passenger ferries, Coast Guard ships, containerships and Con-Ro vessels to tankers and platform supply vessels. With the lion’s share of projects both already in operation and in the upcoming order book, DNV is the class of choice for LNG-fuelled ships.

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LNG highlight projects