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MRV and DCS in a nutshell

The Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) system for the EU and UK and the Data Collection System (DCS) for the IMO are mandatory and the first step in a larger process to collect and analyse shipping emissions data. The UK MRV has emerged from the wake of Brexit and been applicable from the 2022 reporting period. 

As a data collection system, the DCS aggregates data, including correction factors and voyage adjustments, for individual ships in a fleet. 

Connection between the DCS, CII and SEEMP Part III


The aggregated DCS data forms the basis for the CII (Carbon Intensity Indicator) rating and the SEEMP Part III (Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan). From 1 January 2023 the SEEMP Part III must be verified and onboard ships of 5,000 GT and above to document their plans to achieve their CII targets. 

Starting in 2024, the CII must be calculated based on the DCS data of the previous year, and then reported to the DCS verifier to be verified together with the aggregated DCS data. The attained CII and the environmental rating (A to E) will then be noted on the DCS Statement of Compliance (SoC), which will be required to be kept on board for five years.

How DNV can help you with MRV and DSC

DNV's MRV and DSC solution

With our extensive experience in providing DCS verification, Emissions Insights analysis and other related customer tools such as the SEEMP Part III Generator, DNV helps you to save time and be best prepared for the current and upcoming compliance challenges.

The Emissions Insights tool allows you to manage your fleet’s DCS data more effectively and identify where you can increase efficiency. For instance, it provides you with the information you need to comply with the DCS Fuel Oil Consumption Report, an overview of your preliminary CII ratings and more. 


Our comprehensive FAQs provide you with answers to most questions on the EU MRV, the UK MRV and the IMO DCS. If you need any assistance, we are here for you, so please reach out to us. 

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DNV's MRV and DCS solutions

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DNV Group company DNV GL SE is the accredited body for EU MRV verification services as per EU Reg. 2015/757. Consequently, the EU MRV verifications and the issuance of EU MRV compliance documents will be provided by DNV GL SE as accredited body. The respective verification decisions are at the discretion of the DNV GL SE. 

Fleet Portal related services such as Emissions Insights, data checks, plan generators and report generation as well as the IMO DCS verifications are provided by DNV group company DNV AS.