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How to succeed in the era of environmental performance management in maritime shipping

Both the EU MRV and IMO DCS requirements are mandatory, and are merely the first step in a larger process to collect and analyse shipping emissions data. At DNV we have verified more than 10.000 MRV and DCS reports since 2019.

Prepare for an annual cycle of milestones and go beyond compliance with DNV

  • Combined verification of EU MRV and IMO DCS compliance offers efficiency and ease.
  • Fully digital reporting removes the need for paper or pdf reports to be submitted, or for site visits to be carried out.
  • Quality checks on voyage and bunker data are automatically submitted at regular intervals, guaranteeing better quality data.
  • Simple generation of a fully compliant Monitoring Plan and SEEMP Part II through DNV's digital approach.
  • Access to qualified DNV interface managers and local contacts to support the implementation of MRV and DCS.
  • NEW: Access a tailored CO2Emissions Insights Report based on DCS fuel oil consumption report data. Available in the MyServices portal through Veracity, DNV’s proprietary data platform.

Our smart solution for your environmental emission management

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Get your MRV/DCS verification here

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CO2 Emissions Insights

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