ERS™ Exercise information

Customers with vessels enrolled in ERS™ has the right to conduct damage case exercises.

The standard damage case exercise covers calculation of damage stability, longitudinal strength as well as ground reaction force (when relevant) and is conducted on work days (Monday till Friday, except public holidays at the relevant ERS office location) during ERS™ normal working hours (09:00-17:00 CET). This exercise shall be pre-booked by the Customer no later than 2 weeks before the intended date. The dedicated booking form for requesting and scheduling exercises are found in link below.
  • The exercises are charged according to the Fees as specified in Section V Schedule of Fees in the vessel’s / unit’s ERS™ Agreement.
  • Standard communication drill can be carried out free of charge and in unlimited numbers, when performed on work days during ERS™ normal working hours 09:00 – 17:00 CET.

DNV GL ERS™ offers three types of exercises: 

Communication Test:

  • A phone call is made to the ERS™ 24/7 emergency hotline and a loading condition report is sent via email to Upon receipt, a reply e-mail is sent back from ERS™ to confirm the communication and receipt of the attached report.
  • This type of exercise can be conducted at the discretion of the ERS™ user and does not need to be booked in advance.
Scenario Exercise:
  • A damage case scenario with relevant loading condition is sent to DNV GL ERS™ in advance. Relevant calculations and assessments are performed and the report is sent from ERS™ to the company and/or vessel on an agreed date and time.
  • This type of exercise requires booking in advance for scheduling purposes.
Real Time Exercise:
  • A damage case scenario should be sent in advance; however, this is not mandatory. A call is then made to the ERS™ 24/7 emergency hotline and real time communications and calculations commence. This type of exercise requires advanced preparation from the company and/or vessel. It is advisable that a Scenario Exercise be conducted prior to attempting a Real Time Exercise, but this is not a requirement. A Real Time Exercise must be carried out during normal office hours Mon-Fri 08:00–17:00 CET.
  • This type of exercise requires booking in advance for scheduling purposes.

All exercise initiation calls must be made to the dedicated ERS™24/7 emergency hotline numbers as found on the ERS™ Declaration and ERS™ Activation Sticker. For the duration of the exercise, alternate communication lines will be established to ensure that the primary ERS™ emergency hotline is available in the event of an actual emergency. All exercise reporting must be performed utilizing the ERS™ Data Forms as provided in the Onboard Instructions and must be marked “Exercise – Exercise” to clearly indicate they are for exercise purposes only.

ERS™ Exercise information

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