Roadmap 2: Digital twinning

Strategic objective: Digital capturing/representing all aspects and characteristics of a new construction project with the aim of optimizing it throughout the entire life cycle from conception to decommissioning.

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Maritime cyber security

With rapid digital transformation new threats and regulatory requirements appear

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Maritime Electrification for Utilities Workshop Report

2020 Battery Performance Scorecard

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Industry insights: Supporting the industry towards best practice data exchange

DNV’s recently published D-INF (data collection infrastructure and vessel connectivity) class notation is a powerful quality assurance tool to ensure efficient and standardized ship-to-shore data exchange.

Enabling transformation: DNV supports Grieg Star with digital roadmap for the future

The maritime industry must navigate a challenging course through digital transformation in pursuit of smarter, safer, more efficient and sustainable shipping.

A new, open industry standard for 3D model-based class approval

As the shipping and shipbuilding industry makes great strides in digitalization, there are more opportunities for classification to streamline and accelerate its approval processes where the use of 3D models instead of drawings has become a reality.

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AI and Technology: Rethinking energy consumption

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