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Maintain financial and operational control

Efficient emissions management (ETS, CII)

Receive verified periodical statements

For emissions accounting and ETS settlement

Ensure cost-effective fleet compliance

Decarbonization strategy for the vessel's lifetime

Stay in control of emissions performance and plan ahead

Effectively managing decarbonization requirements and regulatory compliance poses challenges in the short and long terms, taking into account market developments and operational and financial needs. 

The inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS from 2024 highlights the significance of emissions management, extending beyond mere compliance. Your emissions performance now has implications for contracts, shareholder value, and beyond.

Unlock new possibilities by addressing emissions management needs and enabling accounting and value chain collaboration for ETS compensation.

Your benefits with Emissions Connect in a nutshell:

  • High-quality emissions data baseline: daily reported OVD is digitally verified, providing automated quality feedback for resolving data issues easily.
  • Verified voyage statements: enhanced monitoring on fleet, ship and voyage levels, with trusted voyage statements for emissions accounting and ETS settlement.
  • Emissions performance simulation: plan and project voyage implications on future CII scores, benchmarking alternative scenarios.
  • Full control and industry collaboration: manage emissions data sharing across the value chain on a solid data platform, serving as a single source of truth.
  • Simplified data integration: partnering with industry players, we offer standardized API connections to seamlessly integrate data from your fleet management system.

Visit our Emissions Connect service page to learn more and get in touch.

Decarbonization Plan by Maritime Advisory: effective vessel management throughout your vessel's lifetime

Our Decarbonization Plan is designed to help you map out a comprehensive compliance strategy, efficiently achieve decarbonization targets, and proactively navigate evolving requirements along the CII trajectory. This inclusive plan optimizes operational measures, retrofit timing and docking schedules throughout your vessel's lifetime, while also addressing short-term SEEMP Part III Plan requirements. Take action now and start planning your decarbonization strategy to ensure cost-effective fleet compliance. 

Visit our Decarbonization Plan service page to learn more and get in touch.

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