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Fleet in Service

The maritime world is changing, and change brings complexity. That’s why DNV is here to give your people the support and capability they need to drive your business forward. Powered by our breadth and depth of expertise combined with easy-to-use digital tools.

There are huge opportunities for smart shipping businesses to get one step ahead – and stay there. Yet, it is challenging for fleet operators to be experts in the full range of ever-changing rules, regulations, operations and processes. So, there are real gains to be had from the support of a partner who is on top of all the latest compliance issues worldwide.

But even minor on-board issues can disrupt operations, and reliability depends on crews being able to solve problems quickly and confidently, handle crises and access expert support when they need it. In a challenging world, time-poor crew, officers and shore-side staff cannot master every element of complex processes. And support is often needed immediately. Which is why your DNV experts are often just one click away. 

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