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Certification Authentication

Notification of certificate misrepresentation or forgery.

Certification services are a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding life, property, and the environment. Our certificates and statements of compliance, tangible results of these services, signify our role in ensuring adherence to quality standards.

Regrettably, despite our extensive efforts to prevent brand misrepresentation and service document forgery, we still encounter instances of such misconduct. We acknowledge potential associated risks.

To enhance transparency, we have decided to publicly address cases of certificate misrepresentation or forgery.

We encourage all stakeholders to verify the authenticity of any DNV deliverable through our online authentication service. While the list may not cover every incident, it aids stakeholders to gauge the severity of the issue and assists in fraud detection. We urge you to report any authenticity concerns to a your local DNV office. This initiative, along with the guidance offered for verifying DNV deliverables, will serve as a reliable resource for maintaining the trustworthiness of our certification process. This underscores our commitment to integrity, fostering trust, safety, and cooperation in our shared engagements.

At DNV, we take forgery and misuse of our trusted brand very seriously. While certificate misrepresentation is beyond our direct control, we are resolute in mitigating its impact. Such actions harm not just DNV, but the whole industry, by eroding trust and undermining quality. We are committed to swift action and advocate for collective responsibility in preserving the authenticity and integrity of independent certification services.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this important endeavour.


Case 1: Falsified EU Marine Equipment Directive MED-D certificates for fire-fighter’s outfit: helmet.

The authentic MED-D-2017 and MED-D-2019 certificates were issued to other manufacturers for different products.

Figure 1: Falsified certificate MED-D-2017

Figure 2: Falsified certificate MED-D-2019

Case 2: Falsified EU Marine Equipment Directive MED-B certificate for fire-fighter’s outfit: protective clothing. 

The authentic 20 201–11 HH certificate was issued to another manufacturer of similar equipment.

Figure: Falsified certificate for fire-fighter's protective suit

Case 3: Falsified pilot ladder test certificate.

The company ‘Qingdao Good Brother Marine Life Saving Appliances Co. Ltd’ is a legitim DNV MED certified manufacturer of pilot ladders, but their name is being mis-used on falsified certificates/products. 

Figure: Falsified pilot ladder test certificate

Case 4: Falsified certificate for manufacturer of steel wire rope.

The company ‘Shandong Chengshun Metal Materials Co., Ltd.’ is a legitimate business, however, they have confirmed that they do not manufacture the products listed on the certificate and they are not a customer of DNV.  The company name is being misused on falsified certificates/products.  The falsified certificate is based on an authentic DNV certificate issued to another manufacturer.

Figure: Falsified Approval of Manufacturer (AoM) certificate


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