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Great leaps forward

This rapid emergence of digitalization is reshaping both the world and our behaviour, and it will only continue to accelerate. The amount of daily data created opens up novel possibilities for value creation in business, but a transformation of business models is needed to optimize performance in the “big data” era. For example, data feeds and analytics dashboards will augment and become integrated into existing customer-facing services.

The massive amount of data available has already had significant implications and changed the competitive landscape in many safety-critical industries, such as healthcare. 

As a result, healthcare is definitely moving away from the 20th century practice focused on managing patients’ diseases based on population averages, into a person-centred approach managing the overall health of an individual throughout the life journey.

This global transformation requires adaptability and engagement from global stakeholders (e.g. patients, providers, suppliers, regulators) to make the most of the era by co-creating safer, smarter and more sustainable digitalized healthcare.

Our vision is one where healthcare creates value by delivering services that are free from preventable harm, personalized to individual needs, seamless in delivery, effective, efficient and with equitable access. In this way healthcare will be safer, smarter and person-centred and it will support each of us achieving our maximum well-being.

This global transformation is very likely to change healthcare forever, making us – individuals – part of an ecosystem of the Internet of People, where the complexity and abundance of the opportunities arising are astonishing and unpredictable. Our common challenge will be finding effective ways to utilize and enable revolutionary and transformational practices and technologies to achieve a safe and sustainable person-centred healthcare for all while striving to keep us in control of our own information and contextual integrity.  DNV GL is inviting you to take an active participation of these explorations and dialogues.

Jahn Henry Løvaas, Executive Director – Life Sciences


“Tackling complexity, especially from a technological and process perspective, is what DNV GL excels at – and has a deep track record of doing – in other complex, risk-intensive industries. We have a proven record of serving traditional industries in trust-enabling roles, taking a systems approach to the technology and man-machine interfaces involved, and applying a risk-based approach to manage and prioritize the most important risk factors. Time has now come for DNV GL to focus on probably the most complex ‘systems’ on Earth – us human beings. Focusing on the adaption of technologies contributing to sustain and preserve human life is a visible and tangible way of giving effect to our vision: Global impact for a safe and sustainable future”

  • Jahn Henry Løvaas ,
  • Executive Director – Life Sciences ,
  • DNV GL

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