DNV-ST-0359 Subsea power cables for wind power plants

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Edition 2016-06 - Amended 2021-11

This standard (ST) specifies the requirements to subsea power cable installations during all phases of a subsea power cable project with a focus on evaluation of renewable energy applications in shallow water and landfall. 

The objectives of this ST  are to:

  • support developers of wind power plants and their contractors for the application of certification. It helps to clarify requirements related to certification of subsea power cables and their accessories for offshore wind power plants
  • define minimum requirements and scope for third-party evaluation of the design, manufacturing, transport, installation and operation of power cable components and projects
  • provide a common platform for communicating the scope and extent of key activities during subsea power cable certification projects in renewable energy applications, e.g., with regard to approval by authorities. 
DNV-ST-0359 Subsea power cables for wind power plants