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DNV-RP-0584 Design, development and operation of floating solar photovoltaic systems

Recommended practice

Edition 2021-03 - Amended 2021-10

The objective of this recommended practice (RP) is to provide a comprehensive set of requirements, recommendations and guidelines for design, development, operation and decommissioning of FPV systems. It aims to be valid and applicable in all major markets and geographic regions, for all defined applications within scope, from component level to system level, covering the entire life cycle. End users, developers, suppliers, investors, authorities and other stakeholders will be able to use this RP as their single all-encompassing guidance document for such systems, providing direct guidance or reference to other existing relevant guidelines and standards. 

This RP focuses on FPV systems located in sheltered, in-land water bodies, while still being applicable for near-shore locations. A near-shore water body is intended as any water body, with salty, brackish or fresh water, geographically located close to a shoreline, in reasonably sheltered areas and with significant wave heights up to 2-3 m. Any offshore location, or location with harsher conditions, is considered explicitly out of scope of this RP. For these locations, this RP or parts of it may only be used as general guidance or as a reference. 

The requirements, recommendations and guidelines included in this RP have been developed and written in accordance with recognized and agreed best practices and relevant standards, codes and guidelines, when present. Nonetheless, alternative methodologies, or alternative relevant standards, codes and guidelines, may be used in design, development and operation of FPV systems, when properly justified, documented and supported by sound engineering practices. 

The requirements and guidelines listed in this document can never overrule any local, national and international applicable standards and regulations, which shall always be adhered to. The requirements and guidelines listed in this document are meant to provide guidance and to be used in absence of or in addition to such existing national standards and regulations.

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