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DNV-RP-0440 Electromagnetic compatibility of wind turbines

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Edition 2016-03 - Amended 2021-10

This recommended practice (RP) provides principles, technical requirements and guidance for design of wind turbines and its components and systems concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and defines procedures for the EMC measurement and testing of wind turbines. 

The present RP can be applied as a part of the technical basis for carrying out a DNV certification of the electromagnetic compatibility of wind turbines. 

The objectives of this recommended practice are to:

  • ensure a constant high quality of the wind turbine and its components during energy production and an undisturbed operation in every situation by defining minimum requirements for the EMC characteristics of wind turbines (in combination with referenced standards, recommended practices, guidelines, etc.) and their influence on the environment
  • serve as guideline for designers, suppliers, purchasers and regulators 
  • specify design requirements and measurement procedures for wind turbines concerning EMC and subject to DNV certification.
DNV-RP-0440 Electromagnetic compatibility of wind turbines