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DNV-RP-0423 Manufacturing and commissioning of offshore substations

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Edition 2016-03 - Amended 2021-10

The main purpose of this recommended practice (RP) is to ensure that manufacturing, testing and commissioning procedures are comprehensive and contain all relevant information required by the applied DNV service specifications (SEs) and/or DNV standards (STs). 

This RP shall be read as a guide to manufacturing, testing and commissioning of the equipment and systems on OSS’s in WPP. Among other objectives this document supports users in preparing or carrying out witnessing of manufacturing, testing and commissioning activities and thereby meeting the requirements made by investors and insurance companies by 

  • minimizing project risks
  • improving safety and reliability
  • covering the interfaces between project stages and technical disciplines
  • preventing failures/mistakes made elsewhere in the industry
  • ensuring a thorough verification by a third-party
  • fulfilling certification requirements.
DNV-RP-0423 Manufacturing and commissioning of offshore substations