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DNV-RP-0419 Analysis of grouted connections using the finite element method

Recommended practice

Edition 2016-09 - Amended 2021-10

This recommended practice (RP) provides principles and guidance for structural analysis of grouted connections by the finite element method. That is, how to calculate load effects using the finite element method. 

It is in general generic in its recommendations why it may be used for any structure. The focus is however on offshore structures with special attention to wind energy applications. 

It is not intended to replace formulas for resistance in codes and standards for the cases where they are applicable and accurate, but to present methods that allows for using nonlinear FE-methods to determine resistance for cases that is not covered by codes and standards or where accurate recommendations are lacking. 

It is not the purpose of the recommended practice to provide specific design requirements for grouted connections, but rather to provide recommendations on how to build, load, and solve finite element models of grouted connections. There hereby obtained structural response is then assumed qualified based on valid design requirements from an applicable offshore standard, e.g. DNV-ST-0126

The present RP is thus not a standalone document on the design of grouted connections, but rather a supporting document for any valid design standard.


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