Energy transition

The energy transition is a source of great risk and great opportunity. Here is a selection of our research-backed insights on key developments.

Insights: Energy transition

6 Key Highlights from the ETO report

The current energy crisis reinforces a two-speed energy transition in the short term. By 2050, renewables’ share of the global energy mix will exceed 50%, but we are far from reaching the Paris Agreement climate target.

Impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Devastating consequences are being felt mostly in Ukraine, but the reduction in commodities output is deepening worldwide food insecurity.

The rise of renewables

By 2050, the global power system will be 70% reliant on variable renewable energy sources.

The fall of fossil fuels

The fossil slice of the primary energy pie shrinks by around one percentage point per year, going from 80% now to just below 50% in 2050

Energy efficiency powered by rapid electrification

High energy prices in 2022 have highlighted speed with which energy efficiency initiatives can significantly, and often permanently, ratchet down energy use and costs.

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