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Project concept evaluation assures Statnett’s investment plans

Knowing technologies, socio-economic analysis and how to assure project feasibility

Before making significant investments in the central grid, Norwegian TSO Statnett performs in-depth concept evaluation studies (konseptvalgsutredning – KVU). These studies help Statnett improve its decision making through more effective and targeted projects. Just as importantly, quality assurance from a trusted, independent third party can validate methodologies used in these studies and ensure credible results. This in turn increases decision confidence among regulatory authorities and society in general during execution of the project. However, the blend of expertise needed to provide proper concept evaluation is not often found in a single organization.

DNV has assisted Statnett in the selection process for three recent investment projects providing methodological support via our quality assurance service to validate their concept evaluation. “Third-party validation of our concept evaluation studies gives us greater confidence that studies have been carried out correctly and that we can trust the results,” says Carl-Petter Haugland, Statnett’s Head of Economic Analysis. “DNV offers both the technical experience and socio-economic capabilities necessary for that validation, plus the reputation for excellence and independence to bring credibility.”

Added value
Concept feasibility is a vital step in a project’s lifecycle – efficiency, performance and cost can all hinge on choosing the best concept for the given situation. Our long history in the energy industry and forward-looking approach to creating smart grids give us deep insights into conceptual projects such as Statnett’s.

DNV GL impressed us with their highly structured approach. We also appreciated their openness, both in collaboration and in offering unbiased opinions concerning project challenges. As well as increasing confidence in our proposed investments, their broad experience gave us an independent and professional perspective on our projects that helped us fully understand the characteristics of our investment.
Olga Ingrid M. Steinsholt,
  • Project Manager
  • Statnett

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