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Water distribution network simulation

Synergi Liquid gives return on investment

The Water department of Grand Lyon continues to receive a return on investment after 12 years of using Synergi Liquid.

Synergi Liquid is a simulation software package used to model and analyse closed conduit networks of pipes, regulators, valves, pumps, reservoirs, tanks, wells and boreholes.

Grand Lyon started using Synergi Liquid in 2002. The initial phase of this project started with a single user. Soon afterwards, two more engineers joined the Synergi users team and received training in the modelling service of the Water department.

"At that time we needed a tool to verify the models of our network operator and simulate the network of the cities which were not yet modelled," says Serge Perdrix, engineer of studies and modelling, Water departement, user of Synergi Liquid for 5 years.

The design and optimization of a distribution network is an intense and complicated process. Its proper running depends on a wide range of operational parameters. It's important to have a flexible and easy-to-use software tool to model the system behaviour and increase its efficiency and reliability.

Why model the distribution networks?

"To empower the engineering department, to meet the expectations of the work department and to have appropriate means to operate," says Mr. Perdrix.

Hydraulic modelling

Synergi Liquid is highly flexible, letting you choose the detail level for your models, from simple hydraulic modelling analysis of a single pressure zone to the twin propagation of water quality in a multi-zone system. "It enables two types of studies," says Mr. Perdrix. "So-called strategic studies and more localized and detailed studies."

With Synergi Liquid, you can assess consequences of a station breakdown under the network or assess the impact of a network on another one in case of changes or suppression. Concerning localized projects, such as a new building area, you can calculate technical parameteres of the system: the pipe diameter, the pressure at the discharge, etc.

Synergi Liquid is easy to use

"Most of the settings are on the objects. When an existing object has been clicked on, as a pump for example, all the parameters can be found on the pump, contrary to other software solutions," he says.

A variety of additional Synergi Liquid modules have been developed to meet specific customer requirements, including fast and accurate analysis. Among other things, with the Subsystem Management module, it's possible to merge several water network models. "In order to know if an existing pipe network can be rescued by another pipe network, it's easy to merge the models with the Subsystem Management module," says Mr. Perdrix.

More and more operators model their distribution network. In a short period, 10 users from the Water department at Grand Lyon will be trained in SynergiWater. It is important to have a software tool which evolves with time and to have the opportunity to participate in internal and external events to share experience or to perfect our knowledge," says Ronan Philippe a the engineering and modelling office.

Why we chose DNV's Synergi Liquid software for water quality analysis:

  • Synergi Liquid was recommended by our operator Veolia
  • Synergi Liquid is a leading player on the water pipe network

This is what we gained:

  • Good customer service with rapid responses
  • A decision-making aid to improve our distribution network

Download and read the full customer story

  Grand Lyon

Grand Lyon

Download and read the full customer story

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