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Welcome to DNV’s APQP4Wind Academy

Virtual and Physical Classrooms – Flexible Learning

At DNV, the majority of our APQP4Wind courses are delivered as virtual courses. In our virtual courses, you meet your instructor and fellow course members via virtual sessions, providing fellowship, sparring and opportunities for in-depth learning. There are many benefits to virtual learning, for example, you reduce the cost and time of travel, it benefits the environment and is flexible for you in a busy day.

Consult the calendar for both physical attendance and virtual courses here.

About APQP4Wind

APQP4Wind is the common frame of reference to be used in the industry to strengthen the cooperation between Manufacturers and Suppliers and to ensure that parties on all levels communicate at eye level when it comes to quality assurance processes.

The key benefits for the wind industry of using the approach described in the APQP4Wind Manual are:

  • A preventive approach to quality.
  • Shift from quality control to quality assurance.
  • Enables the maturing of the Supplier base globally.
  • Supports standardization and simplification of processes to reduce time to market and increase efficiency.
  • Full end-to-end calibration of the use and meaning of the APQP4Wind vocabulary.
  • Supports profitable growth and reduces risk.

The background for APQP4Wind is the continuous quality improvement that is needed to keep pace with the ongoing trend towards decreases in the Levelized Cost of Energy within the wind industry in order to support profitable growth and reduce risk.


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More about APQP4Wind

APQP4Wind is a non-profit association founded by world-leading Wind Turbine Manufactures and Suppliers with the aim to provide guidance on industry requirements and enable organizations to communicate a common Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP).