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Our impact on North America’s energy transition

DNV has helped our customers in the United States (U.S.) and Canada to seize opportunities and tackle risks arising from the energy transition for more than 125 years.

We are once again ranked the number one technical and sustainability due diligence advisor for renewables energy projects—and we’re proud of what we accomplished together in 2023. Our experts:

  • Enabled customers to progress 400 GW of clean energy capacity, realized over 2 million MWh and 40 million therms of energy efficiency savings, and reviewed and evaluated more than USD 1 billion in energy spending
  • Contributed to an equitable future by investing more than USD 24 million with women and minority owned suppliers.

Our customers' success is how we measure our success

We’re proud of the impact we’ve had in the industry—and we’d like to thank our customers who trusted us to help them deliver. Together with our customers, we took meaningful action to progress clean energy projects and advance the energy transition.

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20240129 Helped business optimize 770x500p

How we help our customers accelerate the energy transition

Five Joint Industry Projects focused on hydrogen.

One Joint Industry Project focused on carbon capture, storage, and utilization.

We introduced procedures for verifying claims about the production and distribution of low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia.

We developed documents for the transportation of hydrogen in pipelines.

We enabled 50+ utilities and millions of their customers to save money.
DNV developed a report to help companies succeed in Oregon’s upcoming offshore wind auction.
Our experts enabled a customer to progress the largest solar and storage plant in the United States.
We provided sustainability and corporate responsibility due diligence for one of the largest clean energy infrastructure projects in U.S. history.


We launched our first Energy Transition Outlook North America.

The report forecasts that USD 12 trillion will be spent on renewables and grid development in the two countries between now and 2050. We will see the accelerated buildout of renewable energy and the growth of whole new demand sectors for that clean energy—from EVs through to electrolyzers producing green hydrogen.

Growing to better support you

We continue to invest in our people and capabilities to keep pace with our customers’ evolving needs and the accelerating pace of the energy transition.

Offshore Wind What we heard: Developers need trusted partners who know project economics, and the technical requirements for the operating environment, permitting process, and how to navigate stakeholder concerns.
Hydrogen What we heard: Trust and credibility is essential; stakeholders need to know that hydrogen can be developed safely and affordably.
Carbon capture, utilization, and storage What we heard: It needs to start with a bang, not a whimper – pressure is mounting on the new industries like steel, cement refining, and hydrogen and ammonia production.
Environmental and social governance Due Diligence What we heard: Developers and investors are looking for best practices on identifying environmental, climate and human rights risks across the energy value chain.
Cyber security What we heard: Six in ten energy professionals say their organization is investing more in cyber security; yet only 36% are confident enough investment has been made in securing their OT systems.
Electric vehicles What we heard: the EV revolution requires expert partners who can help utilities manage and optimize available government funding and incentives.
Grid modernization What we heard: There is no transition without transmission. It is essential to mindfully accelerate high voltage direct current deployment and other grid modernization technologies.

20240129 Growing our capabilities better 770x500p


We welcomed Houston-based ANB Systems to the DNV group.

Through ANB Systems, we can deliver innovative Workflow Automation solutions powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence. ANB complements DNV’s existing suite of advanced digital solutions and service offerings.

Together, DNV and ANB Systems are accelerating the transition towards decarbonized, safe, and smart energy systems, enabling a sustainable future for all.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, ANB Systems provides digital solutions that simplify, automate, and standardize processes for energy efficiency, electric vehicles, distributed generation, interconnection, and line & pole management.

20240129 DNV and ANB team 770x305p


Looking ahead, we are well positioned to work with our customers and other stakeholders to create the necessary trust and confidence in in AI as a tool to help accelerate the energy transition.

We also entered a strategic partnership with San Francisco based HST Technologies (HST) to facilitate grid-scale decarbonization. Our technical experts are now available directly through HST’s View® platform, ready to help solar developers manage their risk more effectively.

Our work continues to create an equitable future

We believe that the energy transition must also be an equitable transition. Our commitment to creating an equitable future starts with our employees. In 2023, a growing number of our employees chose to actively participate in seven employee resources groups.

20240129 DNVs employee resource groups 770x500p


Our employee resource groups hosted more than ten events to educate colleagues about how to be a good ally and overcome challenges such as unconscious bias.

We sponsored and played an active role in the American Association of Blacks in Energy annual conference and the Engineering Tomorrow STEM event for diverse high school student. This included awarding nine scholarships and five grants to students from low income communities. 

We also continue to support and play an active role in Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE). This is part of our commitment to support the development of women in the energy industry.

20240129 Bringing outside perspective in 770x500p


We believe that a strong DEI culture is good for strengthening our business. Employees that are active in our ERGs bring innovative ideas and perspectives that can benefit our customers.

Timehin Sonubi, Project Manager - Mergers and Acquisitions at DNV, Chair of DNV’s Black Employee Network, Member of DNV’s Global DEI Advisory Board

“DNV empowers me to do something I value – elevate the stories and voices of our black employees through the Black Employee Network.”

Why is being a part of DNV’s Black Employee Network important to you?

I get to help create the space for DNV’s black employees to do great work and be seen as important value creators. My philosophy is that employee resources groups are a way to unleash the full potential and power of overlooked and underutilized communities.

What are you most proud of?

The Black Employee Network has created an event series called Beyond BEN on the black experience to call out injustice within the energy industry and other sectors and identify opportunities for improvement.

For example, we hosted an event focused the unintended and unjust impact of battery production on the Democratic Republic of the Congo during Black History Month.

The forum brought experts from DNV from across the battery supply chain to talk about addressing the human and environmental impacts of cobalt extraction and refining operations in the DRC.

We also hosted “Conversations on the Front Porch.” These dialogues focused on energy equity and environmental justice issues at the community level. We brought together regulators, utilities, non-profit organizations to improve the understanding of negative, unintended consequences of the energy transition facing some communities.

How do you explain the impact and value of the Black Employee Network and other employee resource groups at DNV?

I believe that our ERGs are a force multiplier for DNV. The ERGs enable us to go beyond technical conversations with our customers and engage with them on mutual missions such as diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I see it as another way to strengthen relationships with and create value for our customers. The Black Employee Network and other ERGs have unique shared experience with our peers working across the energy industry. This allows us to create and find spaces to do business in ways that would otherwise be missed.

20240129 Playing our part 770x500p


Across North Americas, our employees continue to support the communities where we live and work.

We are proud of our accomplishments to date and believe there is still much more to do. As a company, DNV remains committed to using our resources and empowering our employers to create a diverse, inclusive, and equitable society. 

We look forward to working together with our clients and partners to accelerate an equitable energy transition in 2024!

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