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DNV takes the lead in developing metrology for 100% hydrogen flow applications


The energy transition is progressing rapidly, driven by various short-term factors. The integration of solar and wind energy into future electricity grids requires significant flexibility. It is widely recognized that hydrogen (H2) and its derivatives will play a crucial role in meeting future energy needs. Europe is at the forefront of decarbonization and energy transition, pioneering the establishment of hydrogen projects. As hydrogen trading becomes more prevalent in the coming years, accurate measurement and calibration systems aligned with international standards are essential. Extensive research and development are necessary to enable manufacturers to create suitable products for hydrogen trading. While the actual trading and calibration market for hydrogen is expected to take off in 5-10 years, preparations should be made now to provide well-defined metrology support to the industry.

Position of DNV in flow metrology of renewable gases

For flow metrology specifically, the DNV team in Groningen, the Netherlands has a unique position. With a profound 50-year heritage from natural gas, the DNV team in Groningen has created a global leading role in setting up test facilities and gaining fundamental knowledge in flow metrology and technology qualification. The knowledge basis consists besides gas flows, also liquid flows and multiphase flows, where gases and liquids need to be measured together.

Over the last years, DNV in Groningen defined and delivered a series of Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) on metrology (flow measurement).

Currently DNV is one of the few companies in the world, that can offer research and testing services for high-end flow metrology of renewable gases. The PTB-approved accuracy and uncertainty for natural gas (NG) and NG with hydrogen blends up to 30% are better than most of the current natural gas facilities across the globe. The traceability has been obtained from three different independent sources. The main source is related to the nozzles, linked to PTB in Germany. The turbine flow meters are connected to the European harmonized gas flow standard (EUREGA) and the mass flow has its traceability directly related to the kg standards of VSL.


In this Joint Industry Project, which is scheduled in the period 2024–2025, DNV intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • For hydrogen operators: Make large steps in understanding the performance (drift, uncertainties) of different flow technologies in near 100% hydrogen. Application is for measuring production and large-scale trading of hydrogen
  • For technology providers: Create a high-level testing environment for different technologies and manufacturers developments in 100% hydrogen. Facilitate and analyze test results to the benefit of manufacturers developing.


Due to the different challenges in the industry, for both pipeline operators and technology providers in 100% hydrogen applications, the team of DNV proposes a step-by-step approach. At least the following steps are foreseen:

  1. Assess the current state-of-the-art for providing metrology, test and calibration for 100% hydrogen flow applications (traceability, ISO 17025 requirements, accuracy)
  2. Inventory the range of operating conditions such as flow rates, pressure, temperature, gas quality and accuracy requirements
  3. Determine technology readiness of different flow metering technologies. R&D type of testing enable manufactures to optimize their technologies for 100% hydrogen applications
  4. Overall performance assessment of technologies and manufacturers. Blind testing under representative conditions against an approved (traceable) flow reference standard.

The JIP project will be setup according DNV standard format, meaning every participant will be part of the steering committee and will have a vote in project setup and execution.

All testing will take place at DNV’s high-end flow facility in Groningen, making use of reference systems developed in the previous JIP on 100% hydrogen metrology references.

Project details

First important date is the launching date of 6 June 2023 where more information on the project will be shared with all interested parties.

Based on feedback from the launch meeting and the JIP scope questionnaire, a second meeting series has been scheduled on 12 and 14 September 2023. The intention of the meeting is to present the JIP scope and JIP participation.

If you are interested in joining one of the launch meetings, please contact us via the links found on this page.

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Mohammed Al Saleem

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