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Alleviating cyclone and earthquake challenges for wind farms

Joint Industry Project

Alleviating challenges from earthquakes for wind farms

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Marcus Klose

Marcus Klose

Head of Section Offshore Technology and Innovation

DNV runs a Joint Industry Project to analyse alleviating cyclone and earthquake challenges for wind farms


With wind energy becoming a global business, it is moving into areas with high seismic activities and/or within cyclone tracks. Those forces of nature are potential design drivers in emerging markets like the APAC region and the Americas which is rather different compared to the situation in Europe where wind energy started first.

Main issues we observed for the earthquake-related topics have been uncertainties in the design conditions and inconsistency in the design approaches, together with the need to develop and harmonize codes and standards.

For the cyclone-related topics, the main question was how to derive the relevant extreme wind speeds and related design conditions based on measurements and numerical modelling.


Together with more than 20 relevant industry players, including major OEMs, wind farm developers, designers and academia, extensive case studies and discussions have taken place in the ACE JIP.

This includes the development of design procedures and tools for seismic design of wind turbine structures in order to provide clarity, safety and reliability as well as a state-of the-art review of extreme wind speed determination in cyclone areas.


A very comprehensive state-of-the-art guidance of seismic design and cyclone wind speed determination Reference documents for wind farm projects international and development of local codes Minimized risk, increased transparency and secure financial investment decisions in wind farm projects


Our target is to develop a joint DNV Recommended Practice that provides clear guidance on how wind turbines and wind farms onshore and offshore can be designed in a safe but economic way to withstand major earthquakes and tropical cyclones. This is expected to be published in 2021.

Project details

Who is participating?
22 important industry stakeholders + DNV joined the project including

WPDGE Renewable Energy
Naval EnergiesVestas
CFXD (COP)Equinor
Hai LongITRI

Outlook and results

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Contact us:

Marcus Klose

Marcus Klose

Head of Section Offshore Technology and Innovation