Advanced 3D simulation technology for marine operations

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Sesam Marine software

Sesam Marine software for marine operations

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Marine operations - such as transportation, installation and lifting of fixed and floating structures and subsea equipment - are becoming increasingly challenging as operators move to harsher climates and deeper waters.

Sesam for marine systems

DNV - Digital Solutions recently launched Sesam for marine systems, a groundbreaking software solution that keeps pace with the increasing complexity of marine operations with 3D simulation and visualization.

With Sesam for marine systems software you can:

  • Manage risk of marine operations
  • Perform ‘what-if’ analyses
  • Improve HSE performance
  • Benefit from cross-disciplinary communication
  • Evaluate feasibility
  • Gain better understanding of main challenges
  • Prepare for actual operation through familiarization
  • Support decision-making during actual operation
  • Understand through visualisation

Sesam Marine includes the modules Sima, Simo and Riflex. Sima is the graphic front-end of Simo and Riflex for marine operations.

Sesam Marine 3D simulation software can be used for:

  • Lifting of topsides and modules
  • Lifting and installation of subsea equipment (templates, pipelines, flexible risers)
  • Floatover installation/removal of topsides
  • Load-out from quay to barge
  • Offloading (tankers in tandem or side-by-side)
  • Offshore crane operations
  • Subsea installation (e.g. subsea templates)
  • Jacket/deck lift installation and removal
  • Transportation (towing) of TLP and GBS by tugs
  • Up-ending of SPAR
  • Towing


“This is the first time that complex analyses of marine operations can be visually experienced through simulation using Sesam for marine systems software. The benefits are crucial for successful completion of offshore installations,” says DNV's Are Føllesdal Tjønn.

With Sesam for marine systems software, it is possible for operators to manage risk through calculation and 3D visualization of marine operations, taking into account environmental conditions and structural components. Realistic and rigorous testing and evaluation of operations is possible using environmental conditions and dynamic positioning as parameters. The simulations can be used during real-time execution of operations, including installation of subsea structure such as templates, flexible risers, umbilicals and pipelines. The coupled and multi-body analysis is performed in time domain.


Sesam for marine systems can be used in many facets of marine operations in the offshore industry, including lifting and installation of topsides, modules and subsea structures, floatover installation and removal of topsides and offloading tankers in tandem or side-by-side. The ability to quickly visualize the operations in 3D and run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios immediately showing the results of all known factors significantly reduces the risk to offshore installations.

The simulations include multi-body systems, flexible force models, with results based on environmental loading due to wind, waves and current. Operations such as deck mating and lifting of large deck structures can be meticulously ‘rehearsed’ ahead of time. The 3D simulation will ensure that operators know what to expect – for example of movement or sway during a lift at given conditions – and they can make their decisions during the actual operation based on the simulated experience.


Simulation can be crucial for successful completion of offshore installations. Sesam makes it possible to view the simulated operations in actual time. At what speed is it feasible to perform the operations? How quickly can for example a loaded crane rotate in various weather conditions? How should the crane be positioned for most stable procedures? Is the operation feasible only up to a certain wave height?

Seeing the operation through realistic 3D computer simulation offers unequalled decision support.Technicians will see ahead of time how the components will react and interact with the forces needed, and what motion will be incurred, for example swing movements of equipment or the heeling force on a vessel or offshore structure. When the marine operations begin in actuality, the confidence of having seen the simulation will support operators in making the right decisions.


Seeing the operation through realistic computer simulation offers unequalled decision support. Technicians will see ahead of time how the components will react, what motion will be incurred, for example swing movements of equipment or the heeling force on a vessel or offshore structure. Fast analysis capabilities are now integrated with a graphic front-end that provides immediate visual feedback.

Sesam for marine systems provides interaction with other software programs in the Sesam suite of software, such as HydroD and Wadam. It also provides postprocessing of results.

Sesam for marine systems includes:

  • Modelling
    – Graphic user interface
  • Analysis 
    – Time domain
    – Interactivity
  • Result presentation
    – Integrated post-processor
    – 3D visualization    

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