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Assuring data that powers performance and safety decisions

Building trust in digital twins for Aker BP

Why trust matters 

Digital twins are powerful tools for optimising the safety and efficiency of systems throughout their lifespan. But the decisions that digital twins empower depend on complete trust in the technology, the data and data processes.

What is the story? 

In 2020, Aker BP and Equinor agreed to jointly develop NOA Fulla and Krafla in the NOAKA area, one of the largest remaining field development opportunities on the Norwegian continental shelf. To deliver greater efficiencies, the development includes a periodically unmanned offshore platform in the southern area, operated by Aker BP. 

For a low-manned platform, robust onshore monitoring based on trustworthy data is critical. Aker BP turned to Cognite, an industrial software provider whose industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion, contextualizes operational asset data at scale in real-time. To enable reduced manning without compromising safety, real-time monitoring, control automation and maintenance procedures incorporating remote diagnostics were required. 

DNV undertook a full assessment of Cognite Data Fusion following DNV’s recommended practice for assurance of digital twins to establish trust in the digital twin-generated data for performance and safety decision-making.

More than that, DNV also fully analysed Cognite's organizational maturity across every key measure from governance, people and processes to tools, data management and technologies. 

Our findings are being implemented, so that Aker BP can confidently trust the digital twin of their future unmanned operations. 

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