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Assuring environmental data

Locking in trust in environmental data

Why trust matters 

The focus on sustainable products and operations has intensified. Huge quantities of data are available, across a range of standards. Customers and stakeholders want high quality information that they can use to review products end-to-end. Then, customers can make greener purchase decisions based on facts, not just promises.

What is the story? 

Hydro is an aluminium and energy company deeply committed to a sustainable future. Hydro approached DNV to develop and pilot an innovative way for anyone to validate the environmental profile of Hydro customers’ aluminium products.

Our customers and their customers request trusted information documenting the footprint from our materials and production. The aim of the pilot is to test a platform that supports manufacturers and brands to back their sustainability claims with verified data.

  • Bjørn Kjetil Mauritzen ,
  • Head of Sustainability ,
  • Hydro

Tag. Trace. Trust.

DNV developed a sophisticated ‘Tag, Trace, Trust’ solution powered by blockchain technology. The system allows anyone to instantly check the validity, data and authenticity of a product’s environmental profile.

The aluminum product passport, with its unique digital ID attached, displays key sustainability facts such as low-carbon aluminum and post-consumer scrap content.

  • Sven Edgren ,
  • Global Go-to-market Director, Supply Chain & Product Assurance ,
  • DNV

How blockchain works to support authentication

Blockchain is a powerful authentication solution because: 

  • Every product passport has a unique, traceable digital identity
  • Tagged documents can be trusted to be 100% authentic and safely stored
  • Anyone can trace products back to source and check their authenticity and credentials.

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