ESG and sustainability performance

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance shows how a company is addressing the sustainability challenges of our times.
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Setting the right ESG goals will help your company demonstrate performance to your customers, investors, banks and important stakeholders. It will help you in reaching your long-term business goals and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Developing an actionable ESG plan starts with a durable and sustainable business strategy. It’s about how you improve your operational, asset and supply chain performance, and how you report this in a transparent way to inspire trust in your company. This page contains DNV’s insight articles on ESG and how companies can start or improve their ESG performance.

Insights: Sustainable practices

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Three stories that show the power of Social criteria in ESG

Over the past five years, social criteria in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) have evolved from a sign of good corporate citizenship to a requirement to satisfy growing demands from governments, shareholders, investors, and the public for more transparency.

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Managing the 'S' in ESG

Social criteria in ESG reporting refers to how a company interacts with employees, suppliers, and society at large.

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Listening to stakeholders is good governance

Boards that tune into stakeholder demands truly support decision-making and build resilience.

Twenty years of corporate sustainability progress – what next for businesses?

DNV's report for the UN Global Compact 'Uniting Business in the Decade of Action' looks at two decades of corporate sustainability progress, concluding that companies need to accelerate from decades of ambition to a Decade of Action.

How containerships win tomorrow: Size, renewable energy and digitalization

The containership segment faces an entirely new set of technological challenges: Transport more goods while using less energy ‒ and ultimately, decarbonize. Two DNV experts explain how this could be achieved.

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