DNV’s experts on ESG

Supply Chain and Product Assurance

Shaun Walden

Head of Sustainable Finance and Climate Change for the UK Sustainability and ESG Services team

Shaun has over 20 years of experience in sustainability consulting and specialises in sustainable finance, impact reporting, ESG disclosures, ESG assurance and net zero claims. Over the last five years, Shaun has supported DNV’s customers to raise or issue sustainability-linked bonds and loans with an ESG label, and has undertaken over 80 second party opinions (SPO) on behalf of DNV.

Shaun has in-depth knowledge of sustainability reporting standards & indices such as SASB, GRI, GHG Protocol, CDP, DJSI and ESG rating methodologies. He is a member of the influential ICMA’s external reporters (SPO) working group and is heavily engaged in the development of the social and sustainable principles that will underpin the framework. He is also a qualified ESG data auditor. 

“I advise firms on how to create ESG strategies, set science-based targets, develop decarbonisation road maps as well as making robust net zero and carbon neutrality claims.”

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Energy Systems

Viktorija Namavira

Global Environment and Sustainability Specialist

Viktoija leads DNV’s ESG practice in the Middle East and Africa having worked with such international lenders as the IFC, World Bank, European Bank for Development and Reconstruction Asian Bank for Development to ensure energy-related financed projects to incorporate the best ESG practices. 

Viktorija has over 14 years of experience within sustainability, advising customers on how to develop sustainable operations and developing strategies for climate change preparedness. She has advised customers in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe on strategy, complying with regulations and due diligence in relation to ESG. 

She holds a Sustainability Certificate from the Harvard University extension school, as well as OSHAS 18001 and ISO 14001. 

"As a response to climate change, governments globally are implementing targets, regulations and ESG reporting requirements. We see an exponential demand from our clients for advice on how to meet these requirements and DNV will be there to support them all the way."

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Dr Jan-Henrik Hübner

Global Head of Shipping Advisory Practice, DNV Maritime

Since joining DNV in 2010 Jan-Henrik Hübner is supporting maritime clients in Europe, Middle East and Asia in a wide range of strategic and operational challenges. Jan-Henrik specializes on advice related to decarbonization and finance. He works with banks offering ship financing linked to Poseidon Principles, and advises shipowners, banks and funds on sustainable finance. 

Before joining DNV Jan-Henrik worked for 9 years for the global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. He advised clients in various process industries. 

Jan-Henrik graduated in Wood Science and Technology at the University of Hamburg and received his PhD on effects of emission trading and other aspects of environmental economics. 

“I work with banks and investors that offer finance to ship owners and provide advice on the Poseidon Principles and sustainable finance, both cornerstones of the maritime ESG agenda that that have grown in importance the past 2-3 years. There is significant evidence that ESG-compliant lending lowers the risk of default to lenders, and that is the appeal to financiers.”

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Jonathan Abrahams

Local Head of DNV Maritime Advisory Australia

Jonathan leads large multi-disciplinary project teams in the maritime sector working to achieve energy-efficient operations, environmental compliance, design and technical optimisation. Increasingly, he works with cargo owners and supply chains on the development, adaptation and implementation of solutions addressing decarbonisation and ESG. 

Jonathan joined DNV in Norway in 2007 and has worked extensively in Europe and the Middle East before returning home to Australia in 2014. Prior to joining DNV, Jonathan worked for more than 10 years in senior roles in corporate development, marketing and project management. 

“ESG is top of mind for many companies in Asia and Australia, and I support clients in their ESG journey from finance to assessment to optimisation – and where necessary facilitating cross business collaboration to bring DNV’s best to each engagement.”

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Carl Erik Høy-Petersen

Business Development Leader, DNV Maritime Advisory

Carl Erik is responsible for ESG and sustainable finance services in DNV maritime. Carl Erik graduated from the Royal Norwegian Naval Academy and went on to pursue a Master of Science in industrial economics. He is also a graduate from the DNV Top Tech programme at University of California, Berkeley and has completed the Norwegian Entrepreneurship Programme from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Cornell University. 

Since joining DNV in 2006, Carl Erik has worked with advanced decision support, project management and quantitative and qualitative risk management for clients in government, energy, oil & gas and maritime industry. He has also worked across the value chain perspective combining technology, operation, business and finance perspectives into corporate decision-making processes. 

“In maritime we see that regulators and financiers are leading the way in bringing ESG requirements to the industry in large driven by decarbonization. Our customers, from cargo owners, ship owners to banks and insurers are coming to us for advice on sustainable finance, how to improve ESG performance and how to report on ESG. Not all shipping companies provide ESG reports yet, but we see a rapid growth on ESG initiatives and reporting within shipping .”

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Digital Solutions

Yuko Aoyama

Innovation Lead / Product Manager, Digital Solutions

Yuko holds a master’s degree in Naval Architecture. Since joining DNV, she has led various internal and external innovation projects focusing on digital solutions for the maritime industry. Yuko is an Innovation Lead/Product Manager for DNV’s digital ESG reporting tool used by ship owners to disclose and report on ESG performance metrics. The tool helps companies to improve their data quality, enabling increased transparency on ESG and sustainability performance in the maritime industry. 

In her role as Innovation Lead/Product Manager she focuses on deeply understanding customer needs, identifying pain points, and exploring possible solutions. The most important part of her role is to commercialize solutions into a scalable digital product by working closely with customers. 

“ESG will be a part of the industry landscape going forward, and I am passionate about hearing how our customers are responding to this new market trend, and how DNV can support them”.

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