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Subsea facilities - RAM analysis with Maros software

Deep understanding on deep-water facilities - Combining your knowledge to the most powerful RAM analysis software for subsea developments

RAM software for subsea facilities

The progress within subsea technology opens the door for new developments and projects. Subsea processing can encompass a number of different initiatives to help reduce the cost and complexity of developing an offshore field.

Additionally, the maintenance strategy of subsea facilities typically requires a special attention: Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), divers and specialized personnel are not always available in the market. Understanding the impact of maintenance resourcing delays is of fundamental importance.

Maros  allows a detailed simulation for subsea facilities and incorporates key system parameters.

Combining your knowledge to the most powerful RAM analysis for subsea developments

Combining your experience about your asset's operations to a performance forecasting model with RAM analysis software is essential to accurately understand the impact of failure of main components in a subsea module.

Maros RAM analysis software empowers analysts to take into account:

  • Failure and repair distributions for each subsea equipment item
  • Ability to model logical events to represent operational strategies or constraints
  • Various planned intervention strategies
  • Impact of weather on intervention durations
  • ROVs and specialized personnel
  • Vessel availability constraints (seasonal issues, number of vessels)
  • Individual well production profiles, including a demand profile
  • Wells phasing in and out over the duration of life
  • Varying spare subsea well capabilities
  • Economic parameters (mobilization costs, day rates, oil price, etc. economic cut-off dates for interventions)

The extensive modelling list allows an analyst to:

  • Evaluate the achieved production efficiency and production losses
  • Rank of critical systems, equipment and modes of failure
  • Assess detailed results for the number of vessel’s intervention taking into account mobilization time and hours of usage broken down by activity
  • Assess operational costs, revenue losses and through-life NPV reduction because of subsea failures/activities 

Some of the questions Maros software can help you answer:

  • What is the production efficiency for the base case design?
  • How does production efficiency vary for the sensitivity cases related to different design configurations?
  • What is the impact of different maintenance strategies?
  • What is the impact of delays related to maintenance resources?
  • What is the impact of maintenance and logistics issues?
  • What is the impact of operational flexibility (e.g. recovery mechanism)?
  • What is the incremental NPV for the alternate scenarios against the base case?

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Subsea facilities

Maros - Deep understanding on deep-water facilities

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Maros flier

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