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Optimise safety and efficiency with our RBI software

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) applies risk as a basis to help users prioritize and manage an in-service equipment inspection programme by combining the likelihood of failure and the consequence of failure. DNV’s RBI for onshore software is a powerful tool that utilizes industry-recognized API 580 / API 581 methodologies to calculate risk profiles for various equipment components to deliver optimal safety and operational efficiency for your onshore operations.

Pipe systems, tanks, pressure vessels and associated equipment are exposed to degradation such as corrosion, fatigue and mechanical damage which lead to corresponding threats of fire, explosions and shut-downs. To do so, the associated risks need to be identified and managed in a recognized and trustworthy manner. Our software is designed to manage these threats in a systematic approach to safeguard life, environment and property.

Empower decisions with data-driven insights

RBI for Onshore software transforms your operations data into strategic insights. It consolidates critical inspection data, helping you identify and understand equipment risks unique to the onshore environment, like corrosion under insulation, erosion and carbon dioxide corrosion. 

This robust data management tool enhances decision-making processes, allowing for better planned and more efficient inspection schedules, maintenance activities, and long-term onshore asset management.


RBI pricing and licensing

RBI Software as a Service (SaaS)

Perform standalone RBI assessment using our web-based solution to leverage the benefits of cloud computing on Microsoft Azure. With Azure, users have access from anywhere in the world, and it ensures data ownership and control.

RBI desktop application

Perform RBI assessment using our desktop application, built with years of experience and domain expertise. Our software is compliant with codes such as API 581, API RP 580, and ASME.

What can RBI software do for your company?

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