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Comparison: Synergi Pipeline on-prem solution with Synergi Pipeline SaaS solution

Synergi Pipeline On-Premise solutionSynergi Pipeline SaaS solution
Deployment & Hosting

Customer-hosted, IT control over infrastructure

Customer IT responsible for upgrade installs and network security

Cloud-hosted, DNV-managed

DNV will perform all patch and upgrade work

Upfront Costs

Higher initial investments (hardware, DBMS and OS licenses)

Perpetual software license purchase with annual M&S

Lower upfront costs, subscription-based

All licensing costs are included with annual SaaS fee

Maintenance & Updates

Self-managed maintenance with support from DNV

Customer responsible for backups, disaster recovery

DNV responsible for all updates and maintenance and will coordinate with customers when to perform

ScalabilityHigher cost to scale requiring additional hardware

Easily scalable, flexible user/resource management

May require elevation to a higher pricing tier

Long-Term Costs

Hardware may need replacement after xx years

Annual M&S

Lower longer-term costs and discounts may apply for multi-year reservations

Can be capitalized