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Can I interchange data in Taro directly with other software packages?

Interchange data

The Grid view facility provides the ability to manipulate all elements in and Excel-like interface. It allows a global view of all the equipment, planned maintenance, logical event and related events below any point in the hierarchical tree. It provides support for copying/pasting which can be used to interchange data in addition to sorting by:

  • Multiple fields
  • Outlook style grouping
  • Manipulating the layout of the fields
  • Re-sizing
  • Re-ordering
  • Hiding
  • Adding/deleting failure modes
  • Adding new items

There are also functions that interact directly with Microsoft packages such as Excel and PowerPoint.

Similar provision is included for specifying demand profiles. Graphical and tabular output that can be easily exported to Microsoft Office includes production statistics, efficiency statistics, criticality tables (hierarchical), contract shortfalls analysis (size and frequency) and plant shutdown analysis (size and frequency).

In addition, Taro refinery design software includes an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows analysts to code the interaction with any system.

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