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How can I identify transport logistic bottlenecks and reliability constraints along the oil and gas supply chain?

Transport logistic bottlenecks

Oil and gas supply chains are extremely complex and a number of factors can reduce efficiency. Logistic bottlenecks is one of these factors affecting the overall performance; in order to calculate the performance of supply chain, these bottlenecks have to be associated with reliability, operational strategy and maintainability aspects of the assets that are part of the network e.g. petrochemical plants and storage facilities such as tank farms.

Taro can answer a number of questions related to bottlenecks and reliability constraints in petrochemical plant process. The key modelling opportunity offered by Taro is the ability to account for the system dynamics. The scalability of Taro allows analysts to build-up models of any size, from specific assets to entire country-wide supply chains. This empowers analysts to understand the reasons for transports arriving late according to schedule or storage tanks bottoming out because of lack of supply.

In addition, for shipping fleet and cargo size, the optimum usage requirements for berthing and other logistical constraints can be dimensioned appropriately to meet target efficiency levels. More importantly, the Annual Delivery Plan (ADP) can be assessed for its feasibility and be modified.

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