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We are constructing a cross country pipeline with multiple compressor stations. How can Synergi Gas software help?

Hydraulic modelling software

With Synergi Gas from DNV GL you can quickly build a model of your new pipeline, either by hand or in a more automated fashion with CAD drawings or GIS data. If terrain is significant, there are several methods available to assign elevation data along your proposed pipeline. Enter the pipeline data, properties of the gases, projected meters for consumption, and supply pressures to complete the model in the hydraulic circuit design software.

The Synergi Gas Steady-State engine will quickly return the calculated pressures throughout the system. If the results prove that you need additional compression, the program includes a tool for determining the number of compressor stations required, along with the recommended spacing between them. Once you’ve received the compressor curves from the vendor(s), you can input this data into Synergi Gas for a more accurate model of the compressor station behaviour. Finally, if you really want to get the most out of your new pipeline, you can take that same model used for the steady state analysis and also run a transient analysis using the Unsteady State module in Synergi Gas, so that you can plan how to maximize the line pack available.

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