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I work for a gas distribution company in the planning department struggling to keep up with an immense amount of load growth. How can Synergi Gas software best help?

Synergi Gas offers ways to work smarter

Aside from Model Builder module and the Customer Management module in Synergi Gas, automating the module building and load generation process, Synergi Gas offers ways to help you work smarter. For example, you can combine studies under one model using flow categories for various load scenarios, and partial sets for your system reinforcement options, allowing you to quickly view any combination of analyses, including reports and charts with your results. You can also use Version Management if you have multiple users of the hydraulic modelling software, and it becomes difficult to keep track of changes to your master model. Version Management sets up a library with user permissions that tracks add, modify, and delete transactions in a parent (base model) / child (versions) relationship. Any change to the parent gets inherited by the children, and any changes to the children can be promoted to the parent.

What can Synergi Gas do for your company?

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