Assuring a safe, reliable energy supply

DNV delivers ‘single source’ software solutions for facilities and pipeline operators to prove the safety case and ensure reliable operations.

Pipeline- Decarbonization energy supply

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The oil and gas industry is undergoing a rapid transformation as decarbonization plans and priorities evolve into full-scale operations. The many uncertainties of a highly complex, still-evolving energy system are underpinned by the need to ensure a safe, affordable, and reliable energy supply while ensuring sustainability.  

As operators evaluate repurposing their systems to introduce ammonia, carbon dioxide or hydrogen, they face new risks and technical challenges. The unique physical and chemical properties of each fluid demand a more informed approach. They need to comprehend the additional risks and their potential consequences and thereby determine additional control measures.

DNV stands as a pioneering force, empowering stakeholders to transform uncertainty into confidence. Our advanced modelling and risk software tools help operators optimize the balance between investment and safety, helping them prioritize risks and aid their capital investment planning. The solutions help energy companies:  

  • Understand the consequences of loss of containment scenarios involving a wide range of materials, including ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrogen, and identify measures to mitigate operational risks
  • Understand how different gases behave, their impact on the infrastructure and how to prepare for these changes
  • Optimize the performance, design and management of facilities and pipelines
  • Model and prove the ‘hydrogen-fit’ infrastructure to the government and regulatory bodies 
  • Train control room operators to operate assets safely and efficiently when transporting different fluids
  • Conduct comprehensive quantitative industrial safety analyses related to dispersion from accidental releases of ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrogen 
  • Assess and compare risk scenarios and profiles across the network and identify assets needing further analysis or mitigation

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