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Synergi Life insights: Integrated risk management

Removing silos for a holistic risk approach

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In this Synergi Life insights webinar, we’ll discuss integrated risk management and explore the advantages of adopting a cross-discipline solution.

Key insights include:

Enhanced risk oversight: Learn about the power and benefits of connecting risk channels across your organisation. Discover best practices for establishing a robust risk management system and understand how enabling a cross-channel risk oversight facilitates prioritization and resource allocation.

Empowering decision-making: Watch a hands-on demonstration of how to align risk and QHSE insights in Synergi Life to break down organisational risk silos and empower informed decision-making.

Consolidating efforts for improved outcomes: Learn how Babcock International has streamlined its risk and QHSE applications to improve data quality, establish a common safety and risk approach, and enable stakeholder communication.


  • Carsten Weid, Head of Risk Management Advisory, DNV
  • Aimilia Evdaimon, Strategic Initiatives Project Manager, DNV Synergi Life
  • Trudy Askew, Head of Safety Risk and Assurance, Babcock International