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Automated Parametric Studies with optimization capabilities - Save Time with Synergi Pipeline Simulator Model Lab

Learn how Synergi Pipeline Simulator’s parametric study tool and Smart Order intelligence can effortlessly run extensive case studies and arrive at the right solution quickly and accurately.

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Synergi Pipeline Simulator’s Model Lab is an intuitive tool for conducting in-depth parametric studies to enhance decision-making through simulation. It helps users easily delve into sensitivity analyses, identify feasible solutions, and pinpoint optimal network performance at an unprecedented scale, leading to safer operations and significant reductions in both capital and operational expenditures.

Do the study you want, rather than the study you can afford!

In this webinar, our presenters, Jim Short and Dr Richard Carter, discuss and demonstrate the power of Model Lab to run classic parametric studies and show how Smart Order saves time.

Model Lab allows a single model to be run again and again for surge studies, DRA/power optimization, property reverse engineering, and more. With the new optimization capabilities of Smart Order, Model Lab now provides faster turnaround without sacrificing either the big-picture view or fine granularity analysis in the areas of interest. This makes larger studies practical by blending thoroughness with targeted optimisation.

The webinar discusses various topics, including:

  • What are parametric studies, and why are they useful?
  • Synergi Pipeline Simulator Model Lab overview and advanced case studies
  • New Model Lab Smart Order capability


  • Jim Short, Principal Engineer, Synergi Pipeline Simulator
  • Dr Richard Carter, Senior Principal Computational Research Scientist