Advanced CO2 consequence modelling for safe CCS

Learn about safety assessments of complex CCS scenarios using consequence modelling

In this webinar, we looked at how our PhastTM and KFXTM software solutions are applied across these areas:

  • CO2 safety: An exploration of the physical properties and safety considerations for handling CO2
  • Source term definition: Understanding the key factors when defining the parameters required for release modelling
  • Dispersion modelling: Vital for assessing the impact of CO2 releases
  • Effects modelling: Discussing how our models can assist in predicting the concentration and impacts of CO2 releases
  • Model validation: Highlighting the rigorous approach to model validation through comparison with experimental data and real-world observations
  • DNV research and development (R&D) projects: Insights to our ongoing R&D activities to enhance CO2 safety


  • Marion Torre, Product Delivery Manager for KFX and EXSIM, DNV
  • Jan Stene, Principal Mathematical Modeller, DNV

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