Railway safety outlook

From hazard logs to dynamic barrier management

Synergi Life - Railway safety outlook

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In this Synergi Life insights webinar, we will take a deep dive into the safety considerations for rail.

Insights includes:  

  • Navigating safety challenges in the rail industry: Insights from Metro de Madrid – Learn about some of the challenges faced by one of the world’s longest transit systems.   
  • Assessing safety readiness: A strategic approach – Discover how a safety readiness assessment can transform your safety practices and ensure compliance.  
  • Unlocking integrated risk management: From hazard logs to effective barrier management – Experience a Synergi Life demonstration illustrating the journey from hazard logs to dynamic barrier management. 
  • Customer spotlight: Vy's journey with Synergi Life in railway safety – Explore how Norwegian State Railways (Vy) utilizes Synergi Life for safety operations and regulatory reporting.  


  • Laura Carmen Simón Vena, Railway Operational Safety Department Head, Metro de Madrid 
  • Jorge Aldegunde, Global Railway Technical Manager, Supply Chain and Product Assurance  at DNV
  • Aimilia Evdaimon, Strategic Initiatives Project Manager, Synergi Life, Digital Solutions at DNV
  • Andreas Lumbe Aas, Safety and Quality Director, Vy Rail