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Streamlining time domain fatigue analysis of floating offshore wind foundations

DNV is proud to release software that accelerates the performance of FOWT fatigue analysis based on thousands of Design Load Cases (DLC). The fatigue calculations support the most recent edition of DNV- RP-C203 including uni- and multi-directional hot spot fatigue checks.

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Key learnings:

Discover how Sesam Core empowers you to enhance performance and dramatically reduce the analysis time required for floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT) fatigue assessment. We are guiding you through the optimisation of your workflow, spanning from structural modelling, hydrodynamics, coupled analysis including wind turbine (Bladed or Sima), structural analysis, time domain fatigue calculations (screening and hot-spot method according to DNV-RP-C203), and the visualisation of fatigue damage results for efficient design iterations. 

Learn how you can benefit from your prior investments in Sesam, leveraging the same tools used for O&G or fixed offshore wind foundation design. Simply add additional tools to generate the wind loads (coupled analysis) and workflow management, enabling seamless orchestration of fatigue analyses either on-premises or with-in the cloud.