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Improved CFD modelling of hydrogen explosions with EXSIM

Watch this webinar to learn about how EXSIM can improve the safety of hydrogen-based energy systems

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The global shift towards clean and sustainable energy has resulted in a greater interest in hydrogen as an energy carrier due to its potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions. But for widespread adoption to be successful, it is crucial to accurately model and understand the hazards presented by delayed ignition of hydrogen mixtures in different scenarios.

Our computational fluid dynamcs (CFD) explosion software, EXSIM, has recently undergone significant improvements for modelling hydrogen explosions. In this webinar, our experts discuss the latest advancements in EXSIM and how it can be applied to improve the safety of hydrogen-based energy systems.


  • Introduction and demonstration of EXSIM and its newly added capabilities and features
  • Summary of the recent validation with a focus on hydrogen
  • Upcoming developments 


  • Jamie Thompson, Principal Mathematical Modeller, DNV
  • Mike Johnson, Global Sales and Business Development Manager, DNV