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Cracking the code: Elevate your modelling experience with Synergi Liquid scripting

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Curious about what scripting might mean for liquid network modelling? 

As pipeline management and operations are getting more complex, it is paramount that there is confidence in the hydraulic models that are being used to make decisions. The need for powerful and efficient modelling workflows has never been higher. 

In this webinar, Alex Fischer will showcase the power of scripting for your hydraulic modelling and how you can get started. Watch the webinar to uncover how introducing scripting workflows into your hydraulic modelling can save time, improve decision-making confidence, and bring new insights when studying results. 

This exclusive webinar delves into various topics, including: 

  • Better model control logic of pumps, tanks, and complex boundary conditions
  • Scripting, but simple – Conditional Procedures
  • Introduction to Python – the versatility and power
  • Synergi Liquid and Python Integration
  • Python scripting use cases – real-time data integration, goal seeking, custom attributes, and more
  • How ChatGPT can be our Python friend and more 


Alex Fischer  is a Product Delivery Manager and Engineer at DNV, supporting the Synergi Pipeline Simulator (SPS) and Synergi Liquid Products.

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